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Major Moolah -- 3 Ways to Live a Rich Life Now

What if your world was debt free? What would you be able to do with your time, money and energy if you weren't focused on paying back debt?
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Imagine a life without debt, loans or paybacks. What if your world was debt free? What would you be able to do with your time, money and energy if you weren't focused on paying back debt?

Money issues cause fights, anger and even divorce. People use money for power, attention,
to mask insecurities, and to feel better. In my workshops and coaching sessions, I ask people if they knew they only had a few months to live what would they do? Most people say travel or spend time with family, but no one has ever said pay off my debt. But when I ask people if they won the lottery what is the first thing they would do, many enthusiastically say: "I would pay off my debt."

I also ask people what they want more than anything else in the world. After they answer, I ask, "Why don't you have it?" Most of the time the answer I hear is, "I don't have enough money," or "It costs too much money." Time and money are similar because they both put limitations on our dreams if we let them. It takes an ability to release our attachment to what money can and can't do for us in order to break through to live our ultimate life. Let's look at money and how it relates to our dreams.

When we are in a state of lack or fearful thought patterns money cannot come to us because we are in a needy state, and when we need something the experience is strained. If you are in a desperate state of needing money because you feel the lack, money cannot come to you nearly as fast.

It is a matter of perception and shifting your mind to focus on what you want.
These tips from my book, Find Your Happy, can help you feel more abundant now.

Get Happy, Then Spend Money:

One way to know what your energy is towards money is to ask yourself if you are comfortable spending money? Esther Hicks and Abraham, the authors of Money and the Law of Attraction, describe the focus on lack creates more lack.

When you believe that money is coming to you because of your action that you are offering and you also believe that you will not always be able to offer that action, you would want to hold on to your money and spend it sparingly to make it last. However the feeling of shortage slows down the process of money flowing to you.

If you are feeling uncomfortable while spending money, do not spend money. Always find a way to ease your discomfort and transform each transaction into a peaceful experience. Understanding that money flows and goes is one thing that can help.

Mantra: Be happy, then spend money. Don't spend money to be happy.

Money Flows and Goes Where Intention Goes:

By releasing our energetic hold on money it loosens its superficial power. Just like breathing in and out easily, money can flow in and out of our experience with the same gentle ease as life itself. Allow money to enter in and exit with ease and no expectations. From personal experience, I know that money flows in and disappears within seconds. I was making over $2,500 a week with what I thought was comfortable job security, but all of it disappeared.

The little voices in our heads make money the hero in our lives, but money is not a superhero. It will not solve all of the world's problems or fix what is broken inside of us.

Many people use retail therapy as a form of masking and covering up the holes in their hearts. Not wanting to look at our emotions or feel them, we shop over them, spend money over them, and maybe even lose all of our money over them. Money cannot buy happiness.

Mantra: Money flows where intention goes. I focus on my abundance.

Give Without Expecting:

Being more generous echoes the golden rule: Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you. Giving without expecting anything in return will open you up to new opportunities. There is a balance of energy that exists when you freely give yourself, your time, your energy, or your money to someone or something you believe in. Ask yourself how you can serve someone else?

Mantra: You cannot be abundant if you feel poor. However you can be poor and feel abundant.