Majority Leader Reid Is Right: No Libby Pardon

Note: I worked in the core group writing the original CIA Identities
Law with Senator Lloyd
Bentsen, its original sponsor.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is 100%
: the President should immediately and
publicly state that there will be no pardon in
the Scooter Libby case.

The jury has spoken: powerfully, decisively,
and authoritatively.

This is now about the integrity of the judicial

This is now about the integrity of intelligence
information and the integrity of intelligence
in the decision about whether to go to war,
and in the conduct of war.

As Patrick Fitzgerald observed, the defense
has the option of approaching the prosecution
to seek a lower sentence, in return for new

As the prosecution stated at trial, there is a
cloud over the Vice President and a cloud
over the White House.

The President should say, as Majority Reid
stated: no pardon.

Any other action would be perceived as a
Nixon-like maneuver and would further erode
the crediblity of the President and our country, throughout the world.

America's word in the global community should
be sacrosanct. The integrity of our intelligence
should be sacrosanct whether it involves Iraq,
Iran, Korea of any other matter.

Finally, having been so involved in the writing
of the CIA Identities Law:

First, there is not one iota of doubt that Valerie
Plame's identity was classified as the CIA said,
as Patrick Fitzgerald said, as her colleagues
including my friend Larry Johnson said.

Second, these disclosures were unpatriotic,
reckless, damaging to our country and to
brave men and women who serve covertly.

Third, the conduct of the President and the
Vice-President throughout this episode was
shameful and disgraceful.

As I have predicted earlier, in my view this
case is far from concluded and the period
between the verdict and sentencing will be
very interesting. Lets watch for possible plea
bargaining and prepare for a battle royal over
the pardon.

The jury has spoken powerfully and the jury
was correct. This sordid episode must never
happen again and every law abiding and
patriotic American should stand 100% against
any pardon for those found guilty.

Let the chips fall where they may.