Makankosappo Photos: Japanese Schoolgirls Photograph Fake Superhuman Energy Attacks In Bizarre New Trend (PHOTOS)

Kids these days -- always so busy with their iPhones, their Facebook, their superhuman energy attacks. A new photography trend is blowing up amongst Japanese schoolgirls these days, and it's a weird one.

The pictures involve teenagers who appears to release superhuman energy, sending their surrounding classmates flying. The creative youths dubbed the Twitter trend "Makankosappo," a Dragon Ball Z term for all you non-ballers. Even if you aren't familiar with the manga series, you can definitely appreciate these uniformed adolescents throwing energy balls around IRL.

We discovered the budding trend on My Modern Met, although according to Kotaku the images first surfaced on 2ch, Japan's largest bulletin board. They were captioned: "Schoolgirls Nowadays lol." Lol indeed.

Check out the frisky schoolchildren below and let us know if you think this photo fad has what it takes to become a worldwide phenomenon.