Make a "Some Bunny Loves You" Easter Basket Filled with Secret Messages

<em>Fill their eggs with messages of love!</em>
Fill their eggs with messages of love!

It’s easy to go the extra mile to make your child’s (or child-at-heart’s!) Easter Basket extra special. Add a Love List!

All you have to do is brainstorm ten to twenty things you love about your son or daughter. Write each item on a slip of paper. Or, you can type up the list, print it out on colored paper, and cut the items in strips — one per slip.

Then, place one Love List slip in each fillable plastic egg, in which you would normally put some candy or jelly beans. I like to put a few chocolate kisses to further the “love” theme!

Now, continue filling your child’s basket with stuffed animals, toys, or anything you would normally put in there.

Imagine their surprise when your children open the plastic eggs and find the secret messages just for them tucked inside!

Note: for an added thoughtful touch, include a unique jar or special box so your child has a place to store all the Love List slips so they can cherish them forever!

If you’re making this Love List Easter Basket for your spouse, mom, or BFF, simply fill the basket with unique items you know they’ll love. But the plastic eggs with loving messages can still be the heart of the gift!

If you need help with unique ways to express your love, here are some prompts for you:


<em>Here’s a quick how-to! </em>
Here’s a quick how-to!
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