'Make America White Again!'

We're going to make America white again. It will be fantastic. It will be super-super-classy. Like my hotels. I build the best hotels in the world.

It will be so easy to make America white again because I know how to build things. That's what I do. I also know how to make deals. I have made billions of dollars by making deals. I am a brilliant negotiator. I negotiate the best deals in the world, super-classy deals.

I mean I've made so much money doing deals with the Chinese. And they respect me for it. And they say, we can't believe what we're getting away with because your leaders are stupid. The Chinese tell me, and I have a lot of Chinese employees at my great companies. They are great people. Amazing people! And they love working for me. But we don't win anymore. It's disgraceful.

I am going to bring you something terrific. I have a super-high IQ. It's off the charts. So in my first 100 days, I will make deals to make America white again. And Mexico will pay for it.

I do deals with leaders around the world; I've built a great company and I deal around -- right now, I have hundreds of deals being negotiated all over the world and I deal with presidents, and I deal with prime ministers. And I win. Because I am a winner. That's how I create jobs. And I am going to make America white again. It will be really, really huge.

Obama's is a total loser. You look at Obamacare. A total catastrophe. He's done an absolutely horrible job. He should be ashamed of himself. My people tell me, and I got the best people in the world, wonderful people, very, very special people, not like crooked Hillary. She's disgusting. Did you see her go to the bathroom? In the middle of a debate? It's disgusting. But I love watching Hillary fail.

And my people, special people, great people, tell me that the Saudis and the Japanese and the Mexicans and all those other countries are laughing at us because our leaders are lightweight morons. Stupid people who don't have clue to how to make America white again. Dumb people. Incompetent people. All they do is talk.

Remember when we were white. I have a fantastic memory so I remember how we used to be winners. I remember how we won the First World War and the Second World War. And after that, all the men had great jobs. And the women had great tits. I mean fantastic tits. Not fake tits like my ex-wives but genuine lollapaloozas. Terrific tits. Very, very special tits. But we don't win anymore. And have you looked at women's tits lately? It's either fake tits or no tits. Pathetic.

We must make America respected again. And we must make America white again. Thank you.