3 Beauty Mistakes That Make Your Eyes Look Older & Tired (VIDEO)

The eyes are one of the tell-tale signs of aging. One day you wake up and suddenly notice crow's feet or smile lines around your eyes, but this isn't necessarily because you're getting older. In the video above, PopSugar Beauty reporter Kiribie Johnson discusses three beauty mistakes that make your eyes look older and tired.

One of the most common mistakes is leaving the eye area too dry. Show your peepers some TLC with a balm, cream or serum that is formulated specifically for this delicate area. Caffeine and shea butter are two ingredients that help to firm and hydrate. Get even better results by applying an eye product at night so that you wake up refreshed.

Eating too much salt is another don't. Under-eye bags are intensified when you have a diet that is high in sodium. To reduce puffiness and swelling, skip the cucumbers and use slices of raw potatoes. The vegetable contains a protein that also brightens skin.

Your eyebrow hairs become thinner as you get older, so over-plucking your brows will only do more harm. Use tweezers or tiny scissors to clean up the arch and this will help open up the eyes.

Watch the video above for more tips to younger-looking eyes, including the right concealer shades to mask dark circles and a non-surgical way to fill in lines.

Are you guilty of committing any of these beauty mistakes?

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