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Make Generosity a Way of Life

The generosity cycle has it's own momentum and spreads over a period of time as each person is impacted. So today, perform one act of true generosity.
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"Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone's soul heal." -- Rumi

Did you know that the word, GENEROSITY, five centuries ago was the description of elite nobility? Today, even an ordinary person can cultivate the admiral personal quality and taking action to be generous. Being generous does not always involve money; for example, a simple smile for a stranger is an act of generosity. Sharing your time, with the elderly, charitable organizations and others are examples of non-monetary generosity. You can also think about what else you can give in terms of time, talent and resources that you are blessed with.

You can add more generosity into your life and the lives of others by thinking about the generous people you have known or heard about. Think about what you would like to have such as attention, respect, love, praise. gifts or money, and then think of others who might benefit from you sharing these things as well. Other ways to daily express generosity include: giving to charity, sharing random acts of kindness, tipping well, and giving people more than they expect. You can act on a generous impulse that comes to mind. Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is important to take action. Follow Guru Nike's advise "Just do it!"

The ancient Law of Circulation requires that you give others whatever you wish to have for yourself. If you want love, then you must give love; if we want peace, then you must give peace; if you want prosperity, then you must give prosperity to help others gain prosperity. Giving generously is a by-product of the profound strength of character that comes from genuine humility. Humble service is one of the most basic ethical tenets in Buddhism, Christianity and many other religious and wisdom traditions.

True generosity is unconditional. Unconditional generosity is giving without anticipation of any kind of reciprocation, repayment, or even a thank you. At different times in your lives, you give for a variety of reasons. When you give, are you giving generously? Are you thinking that you are being generous when you are actually setting conditions to ensure you will benefit from your giving? In order to ascertain whether our giving or the giving of others is truly generous, look at the intentions of the heart. The question is not did you give, but "Did you give generously with no other motives?"

It's been verified that generosity begets generosity -- in other words, generosity spreads and transfers and has a 'pay it forward effect' many times over. Your one act of generosity toward an individual could reach and touch others who you could never have imagined. The generosity cycle has it's own momentum and spreads over a period of time as each person is impacted. So today, perform one act of true generosity.