How To Make Glasses From Old Soda And Wine Bottles

Upcycle Soda And Wine Bottles Into Glasses

Recycling is an effort that many of us make -- we make sure to deposit our glass bottles, aluminum and plastic in the correct receptacles because we want to know we're helping out the environment. But recycling doesn't have to be all serious. That's why the term "upcycling" was invented. Upcycling is when you take an item that you would otherwise throw away and turn it into an art piece or a functioning object that can be reused. If you've ever picked up a wine, soda or beer bottle and thought for a moment about its beauty and what it took to make it, then you might be interested in turning that bottle into a vase or a drinking glass. We've discovered a great tool that helps you do just that.

Ephrem's Bottle Cutting Kit is so easy to use (one of our editors here at HuffPost Taste has even made bottles with success). The bottle cutter tool can be adjusted to fit any size bottle or jar. Upcycle your favorite bottles, especially the ones that have unique labels that don't wash off, like Boylan's soda (pictured above). You'll be creating a functional art piece that's actually worth a pretty penny (just see how much those Boylan glasses go for here). If you're extra creative, you can even make light fixtures out of bottles!

Watch the video below to see how it's done.

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