Make it Work : Gone with the Wind

Well, the most important thing that we find out this episode is that Christian uses a curling iron. Or is it a crimper? I'm just going to call it a "fierce-ing machine." He seems to be back to his old self, after his near nervous breakdown during the prom episode.


Heidi comes out swinging a noose. No, it's a dead cat. No, apparently it's a purse of some sort. When all the models file out, they have crazy, crazy hair. Beehives, buns, you name it. Heidi says the challenge is to create something based on the hairstyle of their model: "something artistic and conceptual." Couture, basically. The budget is $300 and they have 2 days.

Back at the showroom, Tim comes in and announces that they'll be working in teams of 2 and randomly chooses the teams out of a bag. We have: Kit & Rickie, Sweet P & Rami, Chris & Christian and Victorya and Jillian.

I would just like to say that my usual work lunch buddies went to lunch the other day, and it was the one dayI didn't join them, and who do they sit next to? Jillian. They said she was super skinny and wearing a gigantic covering up (but really look-at-me) hat. When I remarked that I wished I'd been there because I would have spied on her for my blog -- which has at least 3 readers -- my coworker assured me that she didn't seem nice.


Christian (team leader Christian) and Chris "Team Fierce," as Tim names them, are doing "circles." Christian, whom I have come to appreciate, decides that if he were a Diva, his name would be Feroc, short for ferocious (pronounced Fer-Oche"). Christian and Chris need 50 yards of organza to pull of their look. Can you say fabulous?

Kit (team leader) and Rickie are doing something based on "nesting" which for some reason has something to do with layers of aprons.

Rami (team leader) & Sweet P are doing something based on "hard & soft". Rami is doing the dress and I have nothing to say about except that it has draping and a corset, and Sweet P will be doing the pants. Rami winds up hating Sweet P because he has to answer her question about pants. Tension.

Victorya and Jillian want to something visually like their model's Mohawk - something punk, an apocalyptic trench coat. They can't decide on a team leader so they flip a coin, and it goes to Victorya.

The next morning, Tim comes in with a Special Announcement, which usually means something bad for the designers. In this case, it means that each team has to come up with a ready-to-wear (RTW) look inspired by their couture look. They get $50 for this and a little extra time. Also, the prize for this challenge is that the winning look will be shot for a Tresemme ad in Elle magazine.


We have the usual judges and Alberta Ferretti.

The two highest are Victorya & Jillian and Christian and Chris.

Victorya and Jillian did a couture look that I liked, with a very cool trench coat with an equestrian punk spin. Their RTW look I wasn't so crazy about, it kind of depressed me. Also, the judges seem to love the look underneath the trench on the couture look -- a pair of jodhpurs and a plain top -- that I really didn't like.

I'm giving it up for team Fierce this week. With Christian's sense of taste and Chris's skill at costume, they created an amazing couture look. It's kind of this poufy (and yet fitted!) organza dream that involves a neck that somehow flares like 3 feet above the model's head. It's actually pretty! AND I also love their RTW look, which is a pencil skirt and pretty blouse with a few ruffles down the front of the blouse. Mommy like.

Christian is the winner. Hurrah! And, who am I and why am I cheering him on?

The two lowest are Kit & Rickie and Rami & Sweet Pea.

Rami's looks boring. It's just a drapey-corsety thing with some buckles, and then pants. They aren't impressed by the lack of couture in the dress, and Michael comments on the pants: "It looks like her ass is in her front!" And it's true -- they are kind of mom jeans. The RTW look is much cuter, as the judges say. Sweet P actually did the RTW look all by herself. It's a short little dress with a bit of ruching here and there, and I like it.

Kit & Rickie seemed to have just missed the mark on the couture concept. Their apron-ballgown is compared to Gone with the Wind and not in a good way. They think it looks cheap, not avante garde. Heidi thinks it needs to be steamed or dry cleaned. On that note, I just dropped off about a years worth of dry cleaning. $150 bill. How is that possible!

Anyway it winds up being between Kit and Rami, and Kit is sent home. Farewell. Frankly, Kit, I give only sort of a damn.

Well, it's back to the grind for me. I had yesterday off, and boy was it nice. I sat around, drank coffee and played some Scrabble and a bit of squash with Old Travis (I apologize for resorting to name-calling two minutes into the game, and really my justification that I was being an ironic poor sport was weak). It was kind of what I envision retirement to be like, except I'll probably be pulling a pedi-cab up Fifth Avenue when I'm 82, because my 401 is almost nonexistent. On that note, off to work!