Make It Work : Prom Time! Or, "You'll Regret This in 10 Years"

Put on your wrist corsage! Get drunk off of two beers and have a tearful heart-to-heart with someone you don't know! Break up with your boyfriend! Twice! It's prom time! This will end in tears, of course.

Heidibot announces that the challenge is: "All about creating memories. You will be making an outfit for one of the most important days of a woman's life."

(I already disagree. If prom is one of the most important days of your life, you just lost your virginity to the most popular guy in school. And he's already trashing you to his friends, sister.)

But anyway. With that, a parade of schoolgirls come out. It's weird to me to realize that I'm more than a decade older than them. Agh! My lost youth! Sweet youth! The designers start laughing, little knowing what terror is in store for them. Back at the workroom, Tim sends in their new "clients." He says, "It's inevitable" and I think he'll continue "that it will end in tears," but he finishes "that they'll have strong opinions." This is true. It's kind of amazing. It's like the wedding dress challenge but 10 years younger and 100 times less rational. Genius!

There are some hilarious moments when the girls describe their dream dresses to the designers. Most of the designers are worried about how the girls want the dresses kind of skimpy. Kit: "Nicole wants a plunging neckline and a really low below the waist...she also wants ivory...this is not her wedding day. Hopefully she's not even going to lose her virginity."

Poor Christian. This is actually the episode where I start liking him. He won my heart this episode, if only because his spirit was kind of hilariously broken. Christian's girl fancies herself a designer, and she has some strong opinions. In fact, she rips Christian's pencil right out of his hand and starts sketching. Christian: "She wanted so much tacky stuff. She wanted gold and black and white and lace...I was very scared...I've never worked with somebody that had that many specific requests. I'm not feeling fierce right now."

Throughout the episode, we get to see some pictures of the designers at their prom. We find out that Christian was voted "best dressed," Kat was a preppy brunette from The OC who was "prom princess" and attended with a "prom prince," and that Chris March stayed home and got drunk and watched old movies (which sounds infinitely better than my own senior prom experience.)

Ricky reveals: "When I had a girlfriend, I actually made her prom dress...that should have been a clue right there."

Sweet P: "I went to Catholic school and I was definitely one of those misbehaving types." It's true. She's suspiciously glowy in her prom photo, and her boyfriend looks about 30.

This is also kind of funny because when I was home for Christmas, I dug my old prom dress out of the closet, and tried it on for my sister to much hilarity. For my senior prom, which, may I add was very close to the millennium when the economy was booming and silver was very popular , I somehow wound up with a truly hideous head-to-toe silver sequined dress. It was like a disco ball exploded all over my body. No, it was like I was a disco-ball who swallowed a pear. It adds about 40 lbs to my hips. I'm pretty sure looking at it causes vertigo. After my sister and I stopped screaming with laughter, we debated my wearing it as a joke to a New Year's Eve dinner party, but decided it would put people off their food. It has certainly put me off food. At least it was good for something.

Anyway, after the designers have assembled the dresses part way, Tim sends the clients back in for a fitting...with their mother's in tow. The designers look even more terrified. Christian's girl doesn't like her dress. With a godlike show of restraint, he politely says, "I had a model who shall we say...well-spoken." After she leaves, Christian basically gives up. Tim tries to exhort him to give it another push, saying, "Don't give up! Rally!" But it seems to be to no avail.


The judges are Kors, Nina, Heidi and Gilles Mendel.

Victorya is the winner. She does a cute little electric blue dress with a Y-neck. I like it. It was between Victorya and Sweet P, which shocks me because I thought Sweet P's was pretty boring.

I'm even more shocked by the fact that Rami is one of the losers! They think Rami's dress is too old -- I love it. It's in an olive green and has all of this sophisticated draping, and his client loves it. Of course, you shouldn't trust my opinion -- I wore a silver sequined blanket to the prom, after all.

Rickie and Kevin are also in the bottom three. Rickie designed a really boring (and sloppy looking) pale pink dress with some sort of empire embellishment. Blah! Kevin's dress made the girl look "cheap," "old" and "matronly." Keep in mind, the poor girl is on the runway while they say some of these things. This seems cruel. Also, it's a tough feat to make someone look both cheap and matronly (although I think I actually pulled that off), and I'm pretty sure Kevin will be going home. And I'm right.

Farewell Kevin. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some old pictures to burn.