Make KFC Coleslaw at Home

This KFC Coleslaw is perfect for backyard BBQs or a fried chicken at home night too!
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Our KFC coleslaw recipe is just like the restaurant's, only better. Made at home, with fresh ingredients and it's easy too!


As a little girl growing up, I remember my grandparents would come home with the bucket of chicken from KFC, plus all those fixings, whenever they visited. Since they lived only around the block from my parents, their weekly ritual was often shared with us.

We could usually count on having KFC at least once every other week or so growing up. My sister always went straight for the mashed potatoes, but I loved that cool, refreshing coleslaw. Along with the coleslaw, I also loved the biscuits too, probably a little too much.

I have since tried to find the perfect coleslaw recipe to make at home because now I eat gluten-free, and I miss those KFC days. Thankfully, the coleslaw is very simple to make at home and only takes a few short minutes to put together.

This KFC Coleslaw is perfect for backyard BBQs or a fried chicken at home night too! We love pairing coleslaw with smoked meats like brisket and bologna.

This recipe is actually perfect if you are in a hurry or need a quick dish to take to a cookout. I am certain you will get rave reviews about it from all your friends too; you can act like it took you hours to make!

I decided to make my night even easier and use a bag of coleslaw mix that included cabbage. One major difference in this KFC coleslaw recipe compared to the slaw I usually make is buttermilk. Not only does this recipe include buttermilk, but it also includes white vinegar too, where you would normally see just one or the other. Combined they give the perfect mix of tang and flavor.

Are you ready for a wonderful, sweet and cool treat with your fried chicken tonight? I know I am!

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