Make Liberal Sexy Again: Stephanie Miller's Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour

Television and talk radio star, Stephanie Miller, will be joined by John Fugelsang and comedic duo, Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton - also known as Frangela - in theaters near you! The special screening of Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour is a one night event that will keep you at the edge of your seat. As Miller stated in a previous interview, “America has spoken. The 2016 Republican Presidential field and their Nominee has officially become SO ridiculous that it has created a National Comedy State of Emergency” and only this tour will help you end their hate with humor.

Since 2011, Miller’s comedy tour has sold out in major cities throughout the country. But with this one-time premiere, her wit and humor will reach audiences nationwide. Levels of anxiety and other psychological challenges have risen this election year, but Miller aspires to bring laughter back into people’s lives.

Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour starring: Frances Callier, John Fugelsang, Stephanie Miller and Angela V. Shelton
(L to R)
Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour starring: Frances Callier, John Fugelsang, Stephanie Miller and Angela V. Shelton (L to R)

We want to create and unite communities again - a space that isn’t divided or silenced by “The Trump Effect”

The inspirational Stephanie Miller offered to share her mission in an interview regarding the one night premiere of the Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour.

After so many years on television and radio, what inspired the inception of this tour?

It was honestly an accident. My team and I wanted to help workers that were under attack by Scott Walker in Wisconsin by doing a comedic presentation to encourage them to stand up for themselves. Unexpectedly, the show sold out within 24 hours! At that point we realized, audiences are looking for an outlet, an escape of some sort. Especially with the elections this year, we found Sexy Liberal to be that outlet for people living in fear of the nation’s future. Studies are showing Trump’s negative effects on society. They’re calling it the “Trump Effect”. If there was ever a time to stand up against bullying, its now. And we hope that message gets across during our tour.

At which point did you say, America needs to engage in this experience? Lets make it to the big screen!

We never expected there be such high demands. I can’t do a normal comedy show that meets the demands so we just had to find a way to reach everyone at once. The partnership with Fathom Events and SM Radio Productions Inc. allows us to be in 400 theaters across the nation. With this show, audiences are engaging with like-minded people. Hopefully, this creates a community and heals them from torn relationships based on this political tension devouring the nation right now.

What are some challenges you face when walking the fine line between politics and comedy? Is it worth fighting these obstacles while the nation is increasingly dangerous for everyone?

I am really concerned about this year’s elections. It is feeling really dangerous to degrees in which Trump has created violence. Even in my family, we are split because of the elections and its just sad. We cant talk about politics anymore, otherwise there will be a tension present even when words aren’t being exchanged. The reason I add comedy to conversation regarding politics and the reality of our country is because some things are just universally funny. Sexy Liberal takes these topics and jokes a step further because they are issues we are passionate about. We need to laugh more than ever in this election cycle. Theres so much constant negativity that its exhausting. This is our test of basic decency.

Is there anything you are particularly excited for in this premiere event?

The tour is a living, breathing organism. Each show is different because there’s so much material. This one, however, is going to be special. It’s the finale - the final show before election day! You have to see this smart and moral comedy presentation.

Join families across the country on November 7th in a theater near you to release fear, anxiety and all other negativity induced by the presidential campaigns. Click here for your tickets and don’t forget, it’s the LAST performance before the 2016 presidential elections!

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