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'Make Me A Sandwich' Is Making Us Hungry, Delighted (VIDEO)

A falafel, peanut butter and Sriracha sandwich, to be exact. SWOON.

Thanks to a little show you may have heard of called "South Park," we've all heard that once ubiquitous and consistently irritating exclamation, "Make me a sandwich, bi**h!" Whether they meant to or not, the team behind this version of "Make Me A Sandwich" has taken back the phrase with gusto.

Brought to us by director Roberto Serrini (who, you might remember is the same person who brought us his delightful dad frying artichokes), "Make Me A Sandwich" is a video series that asks chefs and other food nerds to do just that, on camera. The weekly series consists of 10 videos so far, each with a different food personality and their chosen sandwich.

We couldn't think of a better episode to share with you than the one above, starring one of our favorite mustachioed sandwich makers, Noah Fecks of "The Way We Ate." Fecks' chosen sandwich, The Falafel-Nutter is a savory riff on our beloved Fluffernutter, minus the marshmallow fluff, plus falafel and Sriracha (Noah, we forgive you, but only because we like you).

Other sandwich-makers include Paul Wagtouicz (the complementary half of "The Way We Ate"), Ngam's Chef and owner Hong Thaimee and Brindle Room's Chef (and Serrini's partner in sandwich video-making crime) Jeremy Spector. Check out the video above for the recipe, and the rest of the series on Vimeo.

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