How Much Money Do Poets Make?

How Much Money Do Poets Make?

The chances of making money as a poet are pretty slim - but how slim? The latest issue of New York Magazine puts some numbers on the old cliché with a great infographic about the economics of poetry.

That's not to say that it's impossible to earn a living, just incredibly difficult. But after all, since being officially awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature on December 10, Tomas Tranströmer has become a million dollars richer, and has 50,000 copies of his latest collection ready to be sold. He did, however, have to wait until after his 80th birthday before he won.

Still, keep at it, poets. After all, money isn't the reason you're writing. But who knows? Maybe one day you, too, can win what New York Magazine refers to in its piece as the Nobel Lottery.

See below for highlights from the infographic.

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