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Make Pillows Fluffy Again By Drying Them With A Tennis Ball

Oh, you have a dirty mind.

One thing we love most about hitting the sack is jumping into our beds and being surrounded by downy, soft pillows. But we've been noticing that our heads have been laying a little flat these days because our cushions have lost their spunk. Naturally we needed to find a fix for this immediately. And we came across a great tip on how to make pillows fluffy again, if they are dryer-safe, from Fun Advice.

Simply place the pillow, two (clean) tennis balls and a fabric softener sheet into a dryer on medium heat. Allow the machine to complete its cycle. Then just remove the goods and they should be as bouncy as the balls.

This tip is absolutely genius. We would have never thought that adding sports equipment into our laundry routine would have such a positive outcome. But it does make sense considering the balls help the cushions get back to their original fluffy form.

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