Make September 11th a Day to Remember, Not One to Practice Intolerance

On Saturday, our nation will commemorate the 9th anniversary of September 11th. This is an important day for our country to come together to memorialize those brave men and women we lost and honor the over 2 million troops who have since served and sacrificed in Iraq and Afghanistan. To the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans community, September 11th marks a solemn day of tribute and remembrance.

And we hope it can remain as such. In past weeks, IAVA has been disappointed to see the politicization of September 11th and the decision by some Americans to use this holiday as a peg to promote hate, intolerance and extremism. We will not stand for this. In the coming weeks, we will continue to push the country to have a respectful and civil national dialogue.

It starts with this Saturday. Let’s make September 11th a day to remember and honor those we have lost, those who have served, and those who are still serving.

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