9 Sentences That Will Take Sex From Hot To Not

Sex, like all things in life, has the potential to get really awkward in certain moments. Sometimes it's because things don't go as planned. Other times it's because your partner blurts out something totally, well, unsexy.

It's even worse when you're over 50 -- whether you're newly dating or trying to heat things up with your long-term love. Today, the Twitterverse was thinking the exact same thing when #MakeSexAwkwardIn5Words started trending. The hilarious hashtag has spurred tweet upon tweet of things that will take any romp from hot to not in a matter of seconds.

We asked our own readers to chime in on what's better left unsaid in the bedroom, because remember, if you don't have anything pleasant to say, you should just keep your trap shut. Check out our list below and be sure to add any others in comments below:

1. "What, exactly, are you doing?"

2. "What was your name again?"

3. "Let's get this over with."

4. "No, you cannot come in." (Parents will understand)

5. "I'm about to fall asleep."

6. "You are taking long. Hurry."

7. "I forgot to take Viagra."

8. "S***! My hip popped out."

9. "You're older than I thought."



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