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Make These Pickled Strawberries And Put Them On Everything

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Photo by Alex Lau

We've recently noticed a ton of our readers are making these bright and tangy quick-pickled strawberries, a recipe we snagged from chef Ken Oringer of Coppa in Boston. At Coppa, the pickled strawberries are served as part of a salad with arugula and roasted fennel, topped with Pecorino and mint. But these berries can spruce up anything from cocktails to dessert. Chef Oringer shares six more ways to put a jar to use. Making a batch of your own? Show us by using the #BAreaders hashtag!

The strawberry salad at Coppa. Photo courtesy of Coppa

Gussy up a strawberry-spinach salad; the pickling liquid doubles as a base for the vinaigrette.

Muddle with mint and add gin, soda, and lime for a refreshing shrubby cocktail.

Sundae sauce, y'all. Photo: Alex Lau

Spoon over a sundae for a sweet-and-sour sauce (try it with coconut ice cream).

Blend into a gazpacho: fresh and pickled strawberries, tomatoes, cilantro, and a little pickling liquid. Top with pistachios and yogurt.

Pickled strawberries + oysters = heaven. Photo: Alex Lau

Garnish raw oysters for a fruity take on mignonette.

Blitz with soaked dried chiles, garlic, jalapeño, and charred onion to make a salsa--and a stellar fish taco condiment.

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