Make Your Goals Stick!

Make Your Goals Stick!
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New Year, new me right? Wrong! Unless we let some of our old die-hard habits go & shift to a higher vibration. The type of vibration that shapes the way we feel, think & view things. According to statistics, more than 40% of Americans make New Years resolutions, BUT only 8% complete them. So the real question here is, “Where is the disconnect?” Below we can find short & simple tools to help us make our goals come into fruition.


One of the most profound yet simple tools to setting & reaching our goals is to make S.M.A.R.T. goals. That stands for Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Time-limited. This means is the goal we’re setting something that is achievable, if the proper steps were made? Is the goal realistic to you specifically? Can you make a date to have the goal accomplished? All of these are important to ask ourselves when making a goal, because this is the FOUNDATION of reaching them.

So an example of a S.M.A.R.T. goal is:

I am going to lose 10 lbs by April 18, 2017.

*This is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-limited*


I will lose 30 lbs this year!

While that is a goal that can be done, it doesn’t give us the details we specifically need to see to obtain the goal. Also since its so broad & general, it could possibly overwhelm you because it seems like a lot on our plate. The KEY to goal setting is BABY STEPS!


Set goals. CHECK! Now what? Action, of course. A goal is only a goal if we make use of them. So now, it’s all about the baby steps. First, we have to get clear on whether the goal is a short-term or long-term goal. Depending on who we are, determining what is short & long-term varies. Second, the tool "The What, Where, How" is useful to identify & create an action plan to get the ball rolling. Below are a list of questions to help you see the

"The What, Where, How" in your goal.

*What’s the sequence of steps you want to take? Which come first? Which comes next?

*By when will you achieve this?

*When will you make time to do this?

*How often will you do this?

*Who else is associated with this goal? How might this affect your time line?

*What else might get in the way?

*What other resources do you need?

Going through these questions will allow us to get a realistic overview of the resources, challenges we could face & steps needed to take to complete our goals.


So like every human experience we all can come across challenges or obstacles. Who cares? The point is to find a solution & pick things back up again. Identify the problem you may be facing when dealing with completing your goals & find your resolution of solution.

*If you’re being lazy or procrastinating find someone or hire someone like a life coach HINT HINT to push you towards the goal & hold you accountable. Be sure it’s someone who you can depend on.

*If you feel down, scared, or fearful discuss it with someone in the field you wish to meet your goal in. Ask how they overcame similar experiences or ask for tips to help catapult you to where you would like to see yourself. Research how to overcome it. Talk to someone you can confide in to help get you through it. These are your allies.

*If you can’t solve at the moment make peace with that & let it be. What’s meant can never be lost. Focus on the things you can do & work towards that. Remember it doesn’t have to be permanent, allow it to be temporary.

All in all 2017 goals & beyond can be met. It takes consistency, work, passion & courage to reach for the stars & meet them.


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