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Make Your Own Broom By Repurposing A Newspaper (PHOTOS)

Who would have thought you could clean the house with trash?
05/02/2013 08:29am ET

At the end of the day, you're likely to throw your newspaper into the recycling bin. But, instead, you can totally repurpose it and make it useful in your house for weeks to come. Good Housekeeping has found a clever way to make your own broom with copies of your favorite periodical.

First, roll the paper up lengthwise. Then, just cut multiple fringes into one side, leaving ample space between each snip to create a look similar to bristles.

You'll be left with a little whisk that will be perfect for cleaning up crumbs and other particles around the house. This is another great repurposing idea to add to the list!

Click through our slideshow to see more cleaning tips and tricks. And be sure to head over to Good Housekeeping for more unusual uses for everyday items.

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