Make Your Own Restaurant Quality Choking Poster!

Whether you're choking on your Dollar-Menu McNuggets -- or your neighbor is gagging on what Michele Bachmann said on FOX News today -- a restaurant-quality choking poster can come in super-handy! But who can afford one? After all, the 113th Congress is bent on proving they can be just as horrible as the 112th when it comes to creating jobs and getting our economy moving.

No worries. For years, Lester & Charlie have shown dozens of people how to beat the recession and find their own independence through short instructional videos like "how to make your own light beer" and "creating your own Marmaduke cartoon."

In the kick-off episode of season three in Lester & Charlie's "Do it at Home, America!" series, we show you how to make your own choking poster -- just like the official one of New York City. It's easier than you think!