Makeover Video: We Gave This Pilot A New In-Flight Makeup Look

A Pilot Gets A High-Flying Makeover

As a female pilot, hours of flying can bring with it some unique beauty challenges. The hot condition of the cockpit (as well as wearing a headset) isn't the kindest beauty environment for Julia Lamanna -- a New York City pilot-in-training who desperately wanted to learn how to achieve a subtle, "put together" look to feel beautiful in the skies. I created a new beauty routine for Julia by introducing her to products that were ideal for her job and also matched her skin type. One of Julia's biggest challenges was controlling oil and sweat on her face. So, I suggested a mattifying primer and foundation that would help her face remain dry and makeup intact. For her eyes, I chose a waterproof eyeliner and mascara to add definition without jeopardizing Julia's vision. As an added touch of color, I added moisturizing lip gloss and natural-looking blush. When it came to Julia's hair, frizziness was her big concern. Applying an anti-frizz cream (for use after everyday shampoo/conditioner) to her hair will do wonders to keep it smooth and shiny. Since Julia wears a headset, I also taught her how to do a chic and easy side ponytail - this will keep her hair out of her face, but still looking glamorous. Check out Julia's amazing transformation above!

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