Makeshift Russian Cat-Lift Is Eco-Friendly, Made From Repurposed Materials (VIDEO)

WATCH: In Eco-Friendly Russia, Cat Lift Lifts You!

In eco-friendly Russia, cat-lift lifts you! Or at least it lifts your spirits.

For anyone who's ever wondered whether there's a better way to get their cats inside the house in time for dinner, consider this trick posted to YouTube by user ignoramusky.

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It's easy: Put a broom through the back of a chair, then lower the chair out a window. When your cats grab hold, slowly pull it up. It's quick, eco-friendly, a form of light exercise, and uses repurposed materials.

Heck, you can even sit right back down in the chair after you're done using it as a kitty elevator. How's that for sustainability?

WATCH: Russian Cat Lift

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