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These Are The Makeup Counter Rules You Need To Follow

The next time you walk into a Sephora or ULTA Beauty, you need to be prepared. You're no longer allowed to stick your fingers in a tester, just because it reads "Try Me!" And gone are the days when you impulsively buy a horrid shade of red lipstick because you were too afraid to ask someone besides the sales girl how you really look.

Before you indulge in a much needed beauty haul, you need to read this list of makeup counter rules. And if this doesn't convince you, see the things salespeople don't want you to know.

So you walk in and take a look at the beauty landscape in total awe. Make sure to close your mouth at some point.

And all of the pretty colors have you losing your damn mind.

After clearing your head, you find the lipstick section and you're like, "I need to try all of these reds." But do not, DO NOT, apply lipstick directly from the tube.

Then you see some cool new eyeliners, and you just can't wait to slide that color right on your... ugh, don't tell me you were going to put that pencil on your eye.

Because do you have any idea of what could be lurking in your eye? Pink eye, red eye or worse, some random eye boogers.

Okay, you're feeling pretty good right now, considering you've painted each finger a different shade of nail polish, and then you smell some fruity fragrances.

And although you think you're delicately spraying these scents with grace, chances are you're causing a funky stir.

You know how you wreak havoc on the shelves, leaving the products in a disheveled mess? Yeah... you should just stop doing that.

Finally, the mirror isn't your personal primping station!

And if that's too much to commit to memory, just keep in mind these three tips:

Don't be afraid to ask for help or samples.

Be specific and nice so that the sales associates can point you in the right direction.

And most importantly, use the disposable applicators and alcohol.

Okay, but like, the other kind of alcohol.

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