11 Makeup Counter Dilemmas That Drive Us Bananas (GIFS)

"Ain't nobody got time for that!"

The makeup counter is where we flock to when we want to try on a new shade of red lipstick, get a whiff of a celebrity perfume, and most importantly, score tons of freebies! But as priceless as our wild encounters with the makeup girl or guy are, there are some experiences we won't endure... even in exchange for a free makeover.

From overzealous perfume spritzers to product testers that can double as petri dishes, read our list of 11 makeup counter dilemmas:

  1. When you get the makeup lady with really bad makeup trying to give you her look.

  • When they're like "Oh, just a little bit here, a little there," and suddenly you come out looking like a clown. Then it takes a gallon of makeup remover to wipe off.
  • The up-sell! You came in for a lipstick ... and walked out with a lip liner in addition, too.
  • When they shoot you a "you can't afford this" glare.
  • When they spray perfume on you before you've said "yes."
  • Filthy testers. We know you don't clean them as often as you should.
  • When the makeup girl pretends to also be a skincare expert.
  • When they get your foundation match all the way WRONG.
  • Trying not to blink or flinch when they put eye makeup on you.
  • When you go back for a refund and they try to resell you the same product.
  • When you test a new product you like only to find out it's not in stock, then you're forced to subscribe to the brand's annoying daily emails.
  • What problems have you encountered at the makeup counter? Drop us a note in the comments section below.

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