13 Stunning Celebrity Makeup Looks Any Brown-Eyed Girl Can Copy

Cue the Van Morrison. 🎶

Let us start by clearing the air. Brown eyes are NOT boring.

Though you may have heard otherwise, ladies with darker eyes can actually afford to be more playful when it comes to choosing eye makeup. From shimmering gold to baby blue, brown-eyed girls have the freedom to have fun with color because *newsflash* brown is a neutral that goes with everything.

Whether you're stuck in a makeup rut or are simply looking for new ways to liven up your look, scroll through the photos below to get inspired.

Jennifer Lopez's Dramatic Plum Shadow
JLo's smoky eye goes perfectly with her bold brows, glowing complexion and voluminous locks. The key to this look is creating drama under your bottom lashes with dark plum shadow.
Freida Pinto's Hazelnut Smoky Eye
Brown eyes really pop against a brown shadow mixture. Try pairing it with a soft pink pout to finish the look. Try a gloss with a purple undertone and shimmering finish.
Rachel Weisz's Shimmering Peach
If your eye color often changes from brown to hazel, try a mixture of matte peachy-orange shadow on your eyelids and shimmery gold shadow under your bottom lashes. Finish with a red lipstick with orange undertones for a fresh-faced look.
Kerry Washington's Blue Hues
Kerry Washington demonstrates a great way to wear colored eyeshadow for darker skin tones. Opt for a shadow with a glittery finish, and don't forget to apply a little color to the inner corners of the eye and below the lash line.
Lucy Liu's Subtle Gray Shadow
Copy Lucy Liu's romantic look by dusting a light gray shadow on your lids, extending the color to the bottom of the brow bone. Finish with plum blush and soft pink lipstick.
Rihanna's Sexy Shimmer
If your eye color is a mixture of light brown and hazel, try this sultry, shimmery look to bring out the complexity of your eyes. Use a glistening gold shadow with pinkish undertones on the eyelid and brow bone. Pair it with a nude lip for the full Rihanna effect.
Keira Knightley Violet Romance
If you have pale skin, try Keira Knightley's ultra-chic violet look to make your complexion pop. Use a shadow palette with a spectrum of purple hues. Groom your eyebrows using a medium-brown eyebrow pencil.
Emily Ratajkowski's Classic Smoky Eye
If you have bronze skin, try out a smoky eye look with shadow in varying shades of brown. Sculpt your brows to draw more attention to your eyes and finish with a glossy lip.
Natalie Portman's Purple Shadow
For a fairytale glow, try a soft smoky eye look with purple shimmering shadow. Use black liner on your waterline to enhance the brightness in your eyes.
Penelope Cruz's Old Hollywood Glamour
To make dark brown eyes really stand out, use a matte black or dark grey shadow on your lids. Blend with a shimmery silver near the lash line to soften the look. Add a pink blush to your cheeks to brighten things up.
Suki Waterhouse's '60s Redux
For a sexy mod look, try Suki Waterhouse's cat eye. Start with a matte shadow in pink or peach hues to create a soft base. Using an intense black gel or liquid eyeliner, draw thick wings, applying the most color to the outermost corners of the eye.
Emma Watson's Purple-Pink Duo
For a gorgeous feminine look, experiment with violet and pink tones. Apply darker shades to the creases of your lid and lighter shades to the corners of the eyes. Dust a light pink, white or cream matte shadow underneath your bottom lashes and finish with a hot pink lip.
Salma Hayek's Powder Blue
Powder blue shadow makes dark brown eyes pop. Apply matte shadow in shades of blue and white to the eyelids and corners of the eye. Skip the liner for an effortless look that pays homage to the '80s.

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