Here's What Men Need To Know About Wearing Makeup (VIDEO)


What do men like Jared Leto, Johnny Depp and George Clooney have in common? Other than being top actors, all of these gentlemen have worn their fair share of cosmetic goods. Although it's common for men in the entertainment industry to wear powder and foundation on-screen and in print, the idea that guys wear makeup on their own accord isn't on the mainstream radar.

During a HuffPost Live session on Wednesday, a panel of experts engaged in the topic of men wearing makeup, which offered perspective on what this trend means in the beauty market. In particular, UK-based makeup artist Wayne Goss weighed in on the discussion and gave insight on how men could go about integrating makeup into their daily lives.

Goss thinks that guys won't be obsessing over foundation shades with each other anytime soon. However, he finds that it is "acceptable" for men to find out the right makeup to wear, and adds that guys should worry about "[going] too far" when it comes to application.

The "middle ground," Goss explains, is a place "where we can enhance what we've got to look our best without going overboard," which could put men in "a very awkward place." His best example is the difference between a bit of bronzer versus a heaping amount, which often leads to a a caked-up look.

Basically, Goss stressed the importance of "a little goes a long way," which could just as easily describe the progression of men's attitudes toward rocking tinted moisturizer in the first place.

Watch the video above to hear more from Wayne Goss, and check out HuffPost Live to see what the rest of the panel had to say about the trend.

We're pretty sure that these guys could hold their own at the makeup counter:

Johnny Depp

Male Celebrities Who Wear Makeup

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