Makeup Hacks And Tips Everyone Should Know

So many hacks, so little time.

Sometimes makeup can be overwhelming. From finding the perfect foundation to perfectly applying eyeliner, this reading list contains tips and tricks for all your cosmetic woes.

As a bonus we even included some adventurous makeup suggestions, like how to pull off black lipstick and how to get Beyoncé’s flawless cat eye. This is an all-inclusive, all skin types list to make sure your beauty game is on fleek.

Kylie Cosmetics

It’s time to admit it, folks: Kylie Jenner is a bonafide makeup maven. That sentiment has never rung quite as true as it did after July’s launch of Kyshadow: a nine-shade eyeshadow palette with an almost too-clever name in a range of neutrals, that sold out as quickly and with as much gusto as her lip kit range. We had no choice but to figure out which products might do a similar job. Over the course of our research, celebrity makeup artist Kari Bauce had somewhat of a revelation.

According to celebrity makeup artist and author Rae Morris, one of the biggest mistakes people make when using an eyelash curler is looking up. She explains, “Look down. Never close your eyes because if you close your eyes, you might accidentally get the bottom lashes as well.”

Having the proper placement of the eyelash curler is also crucial, as Morris says this will help to make sure you don’t accidentally clamp down onto skin. Once you’ve got a good grip on your eyelashes, curl firmly for just three seconds.

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge shares her secrets to elegant evening makeup in this video tutorial. Inspired by Italian actress and model Isabella Rossellini’s look at Lancôme’s 80th Anniversary Party in Paris, Eldridge proves that women over 50 can pull off a bright pink lip. The trick: using a small concealer brush to apply thin layers of lipstick in sweeping motions, following the natural shape of your lips. Then, outline with a lip pencil to help create the illusion of a plumper pout.

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Each individual’s face is uniquely different, however there are largely shared experiences when it comes to applying makeup to Asian eyes, particularly women with monolids (eyelids with no crease) and thin, short eyelashes. But if there’s anything we’ve learned from the YouTube tutorials below, it’s that you don’t have to take extreme measures such as plastic surgery to emphasize your natural beauty.

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Applying eyeliner is easier than you think, and Pinterest is here to prove it. Out of the sea of liner tutorials, there are a handful that stand out. No matter what your skill level (no one can really match the wings on both eyes), we’ve gathered all the looks that are great for day, night or whatever vibe you’re going for.

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Celebrities like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid have proven that black is one of the best accessories for a night out, while photos on Pinterest are constantly inspiring us to incorporate the shocking shade into our beauty routines. So do you think you’re ready to rock the darkest hue out there? We interviewed HuffPost Live makeup artist Kari Bauce for tips on getting the perfect black lip look, no matter the occasion. And if you’re skeptical about black lipstick, we’ve got you covered with some alternative shades and finishes that’ll give off the same goth glam vibes.

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Despite what modern cosmetics ads may want us to believe, men are wearing makeup and are damn proud of it. The following seven makeup tips, tricks and hacks go out to all the guys who know their liner from their stick, and to all those who are just starting out.

There’s nothing we love more than a double duty beauty product, but this list of hacks just put even our most useful tools to shame. The thread “What product do you use for something other than it’s intended purpose?” on Reddit’s MakeupAddiction forum is 176 comments of pure, glittery gold. You might already be using eyeshadow as highlighter or brow filler, but have you ever considered, say, using chafing gel as primer? Behold, seven amazing ways to repurpose your favorite beauty products.

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Sir John is responsible for some of Beyoncé’s most iconic looks ― the Met Gala, Lemonade, the entire Formation tour, to name just a few. We were lucky enough to have him come into the HuffPost offices and chat with us about working with some of the biggest names in music, fashion and beyond. He also answered a ton of beauty questions and demonstrated how to do an easy and flawless cat eye.

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Many people struggle with finding a foundation that matches their complexion, goes on seamlessly and doesn’t transfer all over the place. But these makeup problems are tenfold for women with dark skin. Thankfully, there’s a select group of YouTube beauty vloggers who can teach women with dark skin a thing or two about choosing the right foundation and perfecting their application technique. Get ready to take plenty of notes!

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