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Makeup Hoarder Gets Organized With 'Good Morning America', Buys More Makeup (VIDEO)

Dolls, boardwalk memorabilia, broken cars -- some people hoard the strangest things. But makeup hoarding? That we understand.

"Good Morning America" visited what we imagine is just one of many female makeup hoarders in the country. Jennifer Bourgoyne has been collecting cosmetics for thirty years and never throws anything out, her bathroom drawers piled high with products she doesn't even use.

Spending hundreds of dollars a month on new items, the 45-year-old mother and fashion designer admits that part of her addiction is due to growing up with a gorgeous mom and feeling like "the ugly duckling."

So "GMA" was kind enough to bring in a professional organizer to clean up and pare down Jennifer's cosmetics collection. While she got down to work in Jennifer's bathroom, reporter Abbie Boudreau took her shopping...for more makeup.

The pair dropped $70.87 at CVS on new beauty products in less than a half hour, teaching Jennifer an important life lesson: the best way to cure a hoarding problem is definitely to buy more stuff.


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