Makeup Ingredients You Might Want To Avoid

Makeup Ingredients You Might Want To Avoid

We've been hearing more and more that there are dangerous chemicals lurking in our favorite beauty and skincare products. Mercury in your mascara? Yep, it's in there. Endocrine disruptors in your lip gloss? It is possible.

So we consulted with green beauty expert Katey Denno for a master list of chemicals to watch out for, then we delved into the list with the help of cosmetics database the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep to find out which products they're most likely in and scientific studies from journals, the FDA and the CDC to research their effects. Click through the slideshow below for ingredients that can be found in dozens of products (we've listed just a few product examples for each ingredient, to give you an idea) plus links to the EWG for additional details.

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Chemicals In Your Beauty/Skincare Products

This article has been updated with additional information on the sources used to compile this list, as well as the potential health effects of the ingredients. Some of the less dangerous ingredients have been removed.

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