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Is Your Makeup Aging You? 5 Common Beauty Missteps That Make You Look Older Than You Are (VIDEO)

Makeup can do many things. It can boost confidence, it can cover up blemishes or flaws, it can truly enhance your own natural beauty. And that's why we love it. But with a heavy hand or the wrong shade, it can have adverse effects and actually make you look older than you are. As we learn in the Bellasugar video above, there are five critical makeup missteps that you should watch out for:

Overplucking: This one holds a special place in our heart, as we love bold brows. Lush, full brows make you look younger, so it's no surprise that a too-thin pair can end up dating you, even making you look theatrical. If your brows are on the mend, fill in sparse spots with a powder or pencil until you've grown back enough hair to see a professional brow shaper.

Eyeliner: Smudgy, smokey eyes are totally sexy, but too much emphasis on the lower lash line can end up drawing the eyes down, as opposed to opening them up. If you do want to add a little dimension to the lower lashes, try a soft powder instead -- the effect will be less intense.

Lip liner: This one's dangerous for obvious reasons, but you don't need to avoid it entirely. You can either match your liner to your lipstick shade, but just remember to fill the entire lip. Another option is to line the lips with a nude lip pencil, which gets the job done without the dreaded ring-around-the-mouth effect.

Powder formulas: Powder foundations can end up settling into fine lines, making them more pronounced. To avoid this pitfall, make sure you've thoroughly moisturized beforehand. Dewy skin will enhance your gorgeous, natural features.

Color palette: Certain shades just look dated. Light blues, purples and baby pinks, for example. Keep your tones neutral and look for a bit of sheen, this will only add more of a healthy glow.

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