WATCH: The Right Way To Apply Makeup Over 50


Knowing how to apply makeup is especially important as you get older, says Emily Alice Person, owner of the Emily Alice Salon and Spa in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Using the right techniques can open up your face, create a youthful glow, and generally make you look younger.

Eyebrows - First use a brow mousse and drag the wand (which looks like a mascara wand) along the brow. This keeps brows smooth and all hairs going in the same direction. If you have areas of your brow that are sparse and need filling in, do not use a pencil. Instead, take brown eyeshadow and use a flat-top or "chisel" brush to fill in brows. Tap the brush in the dark brown eyeshadow and start at the arch or where you want to create one. Press down on the underside of the brow from the arch working your way to the center. This will give you the most natural line. Then go back in and sweep the shadow from the center out, along the brow, blending out to the side. You don't want to go down at the end, making an upside down smiley face.

Eyes - Don't underline underneath your eyes along the lash line—it makes your eyes look smaller. If you are going to line under eyes, do it along the water line of your lower lid (just above your lower lashes), which helps counteract the redness in the eyes. To line the top lids, which makes eyes looks more open, use powder liner or gel liner with a flat-top or "chisel" brush. If you don't have powder liner, wet your brush a bit and press it into dry eye shadow. Then wiggle the brush along the top lash line a few times to create a natural-looking line.

Cheeks - Women over 50 tend to lose some of the color in their cheeks. You really need to enhance that area. Use shades of plum or coral, which look good on almost every skin tone. Bronzers make skin look older. Use a foam pad with a cream blush and press blush along the cheekbone in an upward motion and on the apples of the cheeks.

Lipstick - (Not shown) Use dry pencil instead of cream pencils, which tend to bleed. Choose a nude pencil to outline and define lips (nude gives lips a more natural look). Once lips are outlined, swipe color onto lips with a lip brush and cream color, or use a tube lipstick. If you're concerned about lip color bleeding, you can also line your lips with concealer beofre applying color.



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