Makeup Packaging Uses Very Different Descriptors For Women And Men

"Can we replace 'stubborn' and 'standoffish' with 'smart' or 'strong'?"

Once you spot the difference between these two makeup packages there's no turning back. 

On July 12, Instagram user Emilayhoolmes posted an image of two eyeshadow palettes called Nude 'tude and Nude Dude, made by makeup company The Balm. The Nude 'tude palette features 12 eyeshadows, which cover up six naked women. Each eyeshadow color is paired with an adjective. The Nude Dude palette is set up similarly, except that the eyeshadows cover six naked men.  

While the palettes look pretty similar, there's one subtle -- but jarring -- difference. 


As Holmes points out, the descriptions used for the men's palette compared to the descriptions for the women's palette are not created quite equal. Most of the adjectives used to describe the naked lady eyeshadows are negative, while their male equivalents are positive. 

Check out some of the differences below.

Where the drawings of women are covered in words like "stubborn" and "snobby," the men are "faithful" and "flawless." Although not all of the descriptions are negative on the Nude 'tude palette, there is definitely a noticeable difference between the female and male descriptors. 

Holmes wrote on Instagram that she didn't buy the palettes because of the descriptions. "I thought the descriptive words for the men versus the descriptive words for the women were slightly... rude?" she wrote, adding, "Can we replace 'stubborn' and 'standoffish' with 'smart' or 'strong'?"

Yes, please. 

UPDATE: 7/16/15 9:30 a.m. --  The Balm released a statement to Cosmopolitan.com"Nude'tude is about attitude and being able to express yourself however you want," The Balm wrote to Cosmo. "As a brand we strive to maintain a light-hearted approach, and always position women in the driver's seat." 

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