7 Tips To Wearing Makeup Every Man Who Wears Makeup Should Know

Contouring isn't just for the ladies.
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Despite what modern cosmetics ads may want us to believe, men are wearing makeup and are damn proud of it. The following seven makeup tips, tricks and hacks go out to all the guys who know their liner from their stick, and to all those who are just starting out.

1. How to contour properly.

Contouring and highlighting are two crafty techniques that can enhance your best features. They can define your cheekbones, even out your skin, give you a natural glow and even create the illusion of a slimmer nose. Fair warning: when done wrong, the results can be downright disastrous. Luckily, makeup expert Wayne Goss, best known for his useful makeup tutorials on looking "flawless, not fake," has created this helpful how-to video on mastering the art of contouring and highlighting.

2. How to conceal under-eye circles and redness.

Numerous late nights, hard liquor and genetics catching up to you? Reducing dark circles and "bags" is as easy as 1-2-3. The quick fix is to apply concealer and blend away. YouTuber Runjacerun goes through the specifics in this step-by-step video.

3. How to fake a thicker beard.

In less than three minutes, fashion vlogger Colin Jay explains how to turn a thin, patchy beard into a fuller, darker one. The trick? NYX eyebrow cake powder. The technique is ideal for covering up shaving mistakes or areas that are sparse on your face.

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4. How to trim, shape and groom eyebrows.

To help your brows look their best, you'll need three things: a good pair of tweezers, brow pencil and brow gel. Vlogger Jake-Jamie Ward, a.k.a the Beauty Boy, explains how to achieve the perfect brow shape and how to correctly use brow pencils and brow gels. Pro tip: pluck with discretion.

5. How to apply guyliner.

From Johnny Depp to Jared Leto, we've seen several male celebs rockin' guyliner. To recreate, you'll need black eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. In a few simple steps, English makeup artist Wayne Goss discusses how to perfect the look.

6. How to get soft lips.

Lip care can often be overlooked. Ross Callahan, self proclaimed "YouTube's number one male skin care and grooming guru," recommends using a lip balm with SPF daily. Learn how to pick the right lip balm and how to exfoliate your lips in the tutorial below.

7. Commit to a daily skin care routine.

It's important for makeup wearers to stay committed to their skin care regimen. Any guy who wears makeup should be aware of the benefits of using cleanser, toner and moisturizer on a daily basis. Learn the essentials with this instructional video by James Welsh, a men's grooming, style and hair vlogger.

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