The Best Makeup Tips For Gorgeous Mature Skin

How to choose the right foundation, lipstick, eye makeup, blush and more.

Gorgeous makeup looks don’t have to be limited to Gen Z celebrities or Instagram beauty influencers ― women blessed with mature skin can look equally radiant with the right makeup essentials.

Celebrity makeup artist Katherine Dorn explained that the right tools can make all the difference. Tinted moisturizer, for example, is one of her must-have products to keep in mind, as it hydrates the skin and cancels out any noticeable imperfections.

“When doing makeup for older clients, I always try to remember less is more,” Dorn said. “Tinted moisturizer is perfect because it is very moisturizing and not too heavy.”

To bring more mature skin beauty hacks onto your radar, we tapped professional makeup artists to break down all the ways you can show off your gorgeous mature skin with makeup. From mascara to foundation, read on below to achieve a flattering signature makeup look that is nothing short of gorgeous.

Look for a sheer- to medium-coverage foundation that boasts a liquid or whipped texture.
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Look for a sheer- to medium-coverage foundation that boasts a liquid or whipped texture.

Always use the right skin care essentials

Our skin definitely changes as we age, as mature skin becomes thinner, loses fat and no longer looks as plump and smooth as it once did.

And of course, it may be tempting to slap on as much makeup as you possibly can in order to conceal any dark spots and crow’s feet. However, makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist Jordan Artistry told HuffPost that the right skin care products are actually your best line of defense before you even put makeup on, as well-prepped skin helps with makeup adherence.

“In aging skin, moisturizing and priming is key,” Artistry said. “I recommend using moisturizers and serums that contain hyaluronic acid, as this acid helps skin retain moisture and can give the skin a plumper appearance.”

Hydration aside, celebrity makeup artist Sébastien Tardif added that it’s equally important to exfoliate your skin, as doing so promotes new cell turnover and creates a much smoother complexion in the process.

“It is always a good idea to start with removing dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliating scrub (or wash) to create a smooth surface,” Tardif told HuffPost.

Avoid full-coverage foundation products

Full-coverage foundation may seem like the right product choice for concealing noticeable spots and lines, but Tardif said these heavy foundation products can actually make lines and wrinkles more pronounced, making it wise to stick with sheer- to medium-coverage products that boast a liquid or whipped texture.

“I prefer using a liquid or whipped type of foundation (sheer to medium coverage) applied with a rounded, fluffy-tipped foundation brush to achieve an airbrush-like finish,” he said. “This really helps preserve the integrity of the skin, while avoiding excess product accumulating in pores or fine lines.”

Conceal your eyes and face with caution

The skin around our eyes is more prone to fine lines and dehydration, which can cause it to look dull over time. And yes, eye concealer products can be particularly helpful in covering up dark shadows and discoloration. However, celebrity makeup artist Terri Bryant stressed the importance of choosing lightweight under-eye products that won’t highlight any existing wrinkles.

“For the under-eye area, choose a lightweight concealer and use small amounts just where needed, such as the inner corner of the eye,” she said. “Pat concealer in with your finger to melt it into the skin, without wiping it away.”

And when it comes to applying concealer onto your face, Bryant said you’ll also want to exert caution.

“Concealer is great as spot coverage for smaller areas of discoloration (red spots or hyperpigmentation) around the face,” she added. “Similar to foundation, we want to avoid applying concealer to lines and textured skin.”

Don’t use setting powder

Although they may keep makeup looks intact for a long period of time, setting powders are another makeup product to avoid, as they can be very drying for mature skin, according to Tardif.

Instead, he advised selecting mattifying blurring balm products, as they keep skin texture velvety smooth.

“This product does exactly what it says,” he said. “It makes skin look like pure velvet, while taking away any excess shine without drying it.”

Stick with natural lip colors

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, our lips are also subject to lose their natural volume, as they also begin to lose moisture as the skin ages.

This makes it important to use lipstick and lip gloss products in natural tones, according to Artistry, especially if you want to feign the appearance of fuller-looking lips.

Of course, you can wear whatever lip color makes you happy. But Artistry suggests “using natural lip colors and applying a clear gloss over top,” she said. “As we age, our lips lose volume and definition, so adding a clear gloss gives shine and the illusion of fuller lips.”

Similarly, Bryant recommended taking inspiration from your own natural lip color when it comes to creating the perfect makeup look.

“Try a lip liner one shade deeper than your natural lip color to softly shape, fill and define,” Bryant said. “Finish with a sheer-colored lip balm to keep the look fresh.”

For a natural look, choose a lip color that's just one shade darker than your own.
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For a natural look, choose a lip color that's just one shade darker than your own.

Explore natural makeup eye looks

Keeping your overall makeup look natural and radiant also extends to selecting the right eye makeup products.

“For eyeshadow, I suggest sticking to natural tones such as browns, taupes and light shimmers,” Artistry said. “I also recommend adding a tad of concealer, and white or ivory shadow in the inner corner of eyes to help your eyes appear brighter and more youthful.”

“Celebrate and draw attention to features with makeup and techniques that define them,” Bryant added. “A softly shaped brow, tightly lined eyeliner at the lash base and a healthy dose of mascara are all great ways to draw attention to our features, without creating hard lines.”

And when it comes to defining your brows, Tardif recommended filling your arches in with brow gel products, as pencil products can allow them to appear more harsh.

Choose the right blush and bronzer products

Enhancing your face with blush and bronzer products can definitely help any makeup look pop. However, Bryant said it’s important to choose blush and bronzer products carefully, as creamy blush products, for example, keep the skin looking dewy and hydrated.

“Choose creams and balms for cheek color,” she advised. “These formulas melt and blend with the skin so color appears to shine through it, as opposed to sitting on top of skin, as powders can have a tendency to do.”

Bryant recommended selecting matte bronzer products that can be used lightly on the outer corners of the face. This helps give your foundation and blush some added warmth, without looking garish.

“Apply a light dusting of a matte bronzer around the outer corners of the face,” she said. “Choose a brush with long, loose bristles to keep the application soft.”

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