Making a Difference, One Poem at a Time

Poetry humanizes. Poetry gives solace. Poetry can be a gesture of kindness, or simply a fun, bright spot in someone’s day. Altogether, it creates connections to others—or it brings us back to ourselves.

That’s the enduring belief that motivates Tweetspeak Poetry to sponsor four public days for poetry each year, in an effort to make a difference one poem at a time (and move poetry beyond the confines of National Poetry Month, taking it into workplaces, the public square, homes and schools).

During autumn, then, comes Random Acts of Poetry Day, celebrated the first Wednesday in October. Participants are encouraged to “paint poetry in the public square either literally or figuratively.” And they do just that.

Past participants have done impromptu readings at local shops (or even at City Hall), teamed up with businesses to share poetry with patrons (like when Jen Karetnick’s Miami Arts Charter School students provided little poetry flags for BunnieCakes, a local venue, to display in the day’s cupcakes), posted poems on mirrors and notice boards, chalked poems onto sidewalks or the menu board, and shared poetry across multiple Internet “public squares” via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and more.

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<a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank">Poetry flags at BunnieC

This October, you’re invited to join the celebration—to bring the clarity and beauty of poetry into a world that could use humanizing, solace, kindness and a little something to brighten our days.

Get a free mini e-book of 10 celebration ideas. Then, on the big day, get random in the best of poetic ways.

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