Making A Murderer, Italian Style: Amanda Knox Doc Proves She Was Framed

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Before watching the Netflix documentary on Amanda Knox, I could’ve gone either way regarding her guilt or innocence. While I followed along with the headlines, I didn’t pay attention to every minute detail of her numerous trials/appeals over the past nine years, so, like most, I was influenced by what I read and saw on social media.

Although I didn’t think she did it, the media did a heck of a job leaving the door open to the possibility that Knox was, indeed, a sociopathic, blood-thirsty, sex-crazed killer.

However, watching the film, and seeing the interviews with Knox, co-defendant Raffaele Sollecito, and most of all, lead prosecutor Giuliano Mignini, my opinion swung to that of a total frame-up, similar to the case of Steven Avery, in which the state, wanting to save face and bring a suspect(s) to justice, betrays The People’s trust and railroads an easily framable, innocent man.

Forget about the fact that Sollecito doesn’t look like he could harm a fly, what I found most shocking was Italian prosecutor Mignini sitting there and filling us in on “the details” of what actually happened that night, all by the conjuring of his own imagination.

There are no facts, no eye witnesses, and no hard evidence to illustrate a definitive time line of events that led to the death of Meredith Kercher, yet somehow, this guy managed to put together a murder case based solely on conjecture; featuring contaminated DNA, questionable testimony given by Rudy Herman Guerde ― the only one of the three with a prior criminal record ― and his own twisted assumption that she was a blood-thirsty, American whore. Can you say “Agenda”?

As far as actual facts go, all this guy had to go on was a knife, a body, and some “strange behavior” by Knox. The rest he just seemed to make up as he went along. No big deal. ‘There were sex games that the victim didn’t want to participate in, so, being the murderous slut she was, she and her ruthless boyfriend ― a guy who looks like he could be president of the Wham! fan club, murdered Kercher in cold blood. See? I rest my case.’

Thank goodness there are actual members of the Italian judiciary system who recognized this travesty and, three years later, when finally given the chance, reversed this sham of a decision. I found it even more disgusting that, in his closing argument during the appellate phase, Mignini actually attempts to convince the judges to uphold Knox’s and Sollecito’s convictions in order to “preserve the honor of the state,” wherein, he’s all but telling them, “Guilty or innocent, let’s make sure we don’t end up with egg on our faces, here, folks.”

Almost as gleefully ignorant as to the life-altering consquences of his actions, is the Daily Mail’s Nick Pisa, the journalist interviewed who seemed all too happy to admit, whether he gets the facts right or wrong, the only thing that matters is “the scoop.” IMO, its pieces of shit like this that give many ethical journalists in the media the bottom-dweller rep. However, Pisa earns it with flying colors. Where’s your morality? Where’s your sense of responsibility? Not only to your readers, but to yourself? How can you sit there with a smug look on your face knowing the tools and power at your disposal, and the irresponsible ways in which you so willingly abused them, were used to send an innocent young couple to jail? Almost for thirty years? Just for a “scoop”? #Deplorable

One can only hope, had this case happened in America, the prosecutor and police would have handled things much differently. Ah, who are we kidding? #FreeStevenAvery

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