Making America Great Again!
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Here are 6 humble suggestions to Donald Trump for a legendary presidential term:

Life is great when one has just won the presidential elections and succeeded in becoming one of the most influential persons in the world. Life is less great when one has to shift one's warrior strategy of winning against Hilary Clinton to a queen's strategy of responsibly ruling a country as important as the United States (OK- let's say sovereign strategy). One may need to integrate sufficient lover strategies to win over the 75% of the American population that did not vote for one and may need to develop a clear magician strategy to facilitate the re-integration of a deeply divided country.

All can be done, no doubt, no problem, if Donald Trump builds on the most inspiring features of the American identity:
  • The unshakable confidence that anything can be achieved and human beings can shape their destiny - the sense of future possibilities
  • The deeply embedded belief in democracy built on laws that protect each individual equally - the commitment to engagement
  • The amazing entrepreneurial spirit that gave the world some of the most brilliant inventions - the courage for innovation
  • A deep sense of freedom and equality - the love for humanity
  • An emotional connectedness of a nation across vast geographical space, across cultures, genders, and world-views - the ability for collective intelligence
  • The willingness to be a world-leader and influence the future of our planet - the sense of wholeness

Critics may say that all of these inspiring features had their downsides in the history of the world. I argue that this is one more reason to unearth the true values that have inspired the American dream, and turn them into an asset that can shift the world. Indeed, there is a way to overthrow the old-fashioned political power system in Washington that keeps pulling the country down. This is how it can be done:

  1. Create a new narrative of a future America that works for 100% of its population in a breathtaking ecological sound landscape, and encourage people from all walks of life that a better future for everybody is doable - from sustainable agriculture to urban gardening, from B-corporations as drivers of a sustainable future to scaling social entrepreneurs' initiatives, from decentralized renewable energy technologies to reliable social infrastructures, from top-service public sector to trustworthy politicians. Be American: Focus on the positive, support what works. Massively encourage those that are already walking in this direction. Bring in a dose of competition, create an "America's Future Award" and let the states compete for it. Shift resources to the front-runners and make them advisers to the late-runners.

  • Encourage innovative entrepreneurs for the future, no matter, if large or small. Find them, support them, listen to them, connect them and make them grow their responsible business. Shift investment towards businesses creating collective value. Build on the Silicon Valley as a global impact hub and turn the bubbling spirit of innovation into a thriving melting pot for technology that truly serves humankind around the planet. Inspire the world with sustainable mobility, truly socially responsible digitalization, a circular economy, and information technologies that empower the poor more than the rich. Above all revive the tremendously agile capacity of the American people to charter unknown territory for a better future. Pioneer the American dream of a world that works for 100% of humanity and the planet!
  • Rebuild the American identity into one that deeply believes in the capability of every individual to live a substantial contribution to a better America, no matter if black or white, immigrant or indigenous, young or old, female or male. Leave no one behind. Make people proud - again - of being American and showing the world that integration is amatter of acknowledgement of difference connected with a deep sense of belonging to a nation that is jointly committed to becoming the front-runner of peace, social inclusion, empowering education, and social security. Rebuild a resilient society.
  • Strategically intervene in unhealthy market trends. Use your financial resources wisely. Get American (and, if need be, global experts) in as advisors, and draw on their collective intelligence to find regulatory solutions that gradually shift collective behavior - of banks, industry and the population. Be a loving father and grandfather by campaigning the truth that kids born today may feel cheated by you, unless you manage the world's turnaround fast. Don't impose too many regulations, but strategically intervene into a few important downward-spiraling tendencies of an unethical and unhealthy economy. Divest from fossil fuels immediately, ban combustion cars by 2020, massively reduce tax for circular and blue economy businesses; transform the military industry into a social business. Create an economy in service of life.
  • Strengthen the democracy by listening to people - the experts and the non-experts, the critics and the followers, the poor - and the rich (on twitter, facebook and Instagram, and beyond). Show that you have not only read Nelson Mandela's 'Long Walk to Freedom', but that you want to become as beneficial to the future of Americans - and the whole of humanity - as he was for South Africa and the rest of the world. Outperform Nelson Mandela! Invigorate the American's capability to shape future and encourage people to suggest what works in the interest of the individual, the entire nation, and the world as a whole. Surprise people by being seriously reliable and integral in taking up suggestions that propel America into a bright sustainable future. Make the world follow you. Travel around and engage the powerful in action for our planet and our united humanity.
  • Lead the world's transformation. Just do it! Become an inspiring advocate for a world that goes far beyond the implementation of the 17 UN Global Development goals. Be the trend spotter for a world of peace, climate security and a new economic system that transcends capitalism into value addition for everybody on this planet. Show the world (co)leaders that America indeed deserves the lead, because it lives its responsibility for the world not only in its own country, but pushes all other heads of state to join the dream for a better world by implementing it. Be the most farsighted visionary at climate conferences and G20 summits. Use your power to influence the powerful - China, Russia, and Europe. Use your intelligence to empower Africa. Show the world how you made America great again through making it fit for the future, and encourage them to do the same in their countries and continents. Live the future now!
  • Seems impossible? Not for a real American. Create a movement for a world that works for 100% of humanity and the planet. Be the leader. Change the world and become the most legendary president of which the world will say one day: he saved humankind and the planet!

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