Making America Great Again: Why It Starts With You!

During the coverage of last weekend's Nevada caucus, one CNN pundit summed up the hotly contested primary like this:

"Would you rather dream with Bernie Sanders or dream with your eyes open with Hillary Clinton?"

His point was that the divide between the two candidates was less about the issues and more about their beliefs as to whether creating far-reaching, meaningful change was truly possible. Senator Sanders has energized young voters with the promise of massive social and financial reform. Secretary Clinton, while sharing similar policy views, has said Sanders is being "unrealistic."

It's an interesting debate. Is it possible for us to rise up, collectively claim our power, and to quote Ghandi, "be the change"? Or will we continue to settle, blaming the government, the bankers, and a broken system for holding us back from achieving true progress?

If you are outsourcing your power for creating change to elected officials, you are also likely to outsource your power in relationships to your partner, waiting for them to "complete you." You are likely to outsource you sense of accomplishment to your employer, waiting for that promotion and pay raise to make you feel like you've "made it." You are likely to outsource your sense of purpose to your family and friends, who told you that your life's vision was "unrealistic," and instead urged you to pursue a career that is "safe."

And herein lies the root of our sickness. Our deeply ingrained habit of seeking external things to bring us fulfillment serves as a distraction from our true selves. When we make the choice to focus our attention inward, we find that all dreams are "realistic," because we have the power to manifest them through mindfulness and intention.

It's a tricky thing, this "reality" that we speak of. While our ego wants us to believe it is about acknowledging the present, it's actually about our perceptions of the past.

When clients tell me that they have "tried a million things" to make more money and can't turn it around, I challenge them to list all the things that they have done. Typically, the "million things" is actually 2-3 actions. So while we believe that we've tried everything, the truth is that we have simply given up because of our fear of failure. Rather than accept responsibility, we blame Wall Street, the global economy, and the government for why we feel stuck.

Yet, there are plenty of examples that prove the government changes when we do.

While I applaud President Obama for becoming to first sitting president to come out in favor of gay marriage, he did it after the polls showed that the majority of Americans supported marriage equality. The government was actually less responsible for the change than we were.

The Civil Rights movement in America was fast tracked when one woman refused to give up her seat on the bus. Her choice, and subsequent arrest, sparked a year-long bus boycott that helped bring Dr. Martin Luther King to national prominence.

So how can we reframe the conversation? How can we stop looking at Bernie, Hillary, and Donald to create change and step into our own power? How can we fully commit to creating a life that connects us to our highest vision, regardless of what outside forces believe is "realistic"?

It starts by acknowledging that we are more powerful than a system.

The preamble of our Constitution states "We The People" are the ones who "promote tranquility, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty." You can make a choice to embody love, compassion, and freedom right now.

Let it start with the messages that you tell yourself about what you are truly capable of. From there, begin to create change on a local level within your own community. Trust that by being an example, you are giving those around you permission to do the same. That ripple effect will spread farther than you could ever imagine.

That's how to REALLY "Make America Great Again."

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