Making Boss Moves: Find Balance in Family, Business And Still Have Fun!

When Nicole Nixon made the decision to become a full-fledged entrepreneur, she didn't spend years wrestling with the notion or months grappling with back-and-forth thoughts about it. Nicole sat down with her husband, shared her vision and 30 days later walked away a corporate career in the telecom industry working for top companies such as Verizon and Time Warner Cable. This is where she became a subject matter expert in database technology, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) networks, data management and distribution, and customer service.

I know it seems like she pressed "the easy button", waved a wand, put on her red slippers and skipped to the latest rendition of "Ease On Down The Road." However, life rarely takes on such a simple path. Nicole and her husband have known each another for 22 years and have been married for the past 16 years. They have five children, 3 daughters, 2 sons, with ages ranging from 8 to 21.

"If I had fully understood the impact of being an entrepreneur, I'm certain that I wouldn't have made the jump as quickly as I did." --Nicole Nixon, CEO, Listing Central, LLC


Nicole is the Founder and CEO of Listing Central, LLC (, based outside of Washington, DC, a leading Directory Listing service to telephone and cable companies, VOIP carriers and network provider carriers throughout the US and Canada. From the onset of this new venture, she was overwhelmed by several factors. How long it would take to gain new customers? How would the telecom industry respond or react to the business model? How would the family be affected due to the income instability and other risks that come with being your own boss? I mean, let's be real, there were many mouths at the table to feed!

As it is often said, "it costs to be The Boss." So Nicole's very first boss move was to get back to the basics--her foundation. She resorted to these core truths: that God was faithful and had her back, and that she'd been endowed with faith, gifts and abilities and purpose. Once she reconnected with these principles, then the looming fears eventually subsided. Poof, be gone!

"I had to simply understand that success does not happen overnight; but if I remained faithful to what I set out to do and nurture my gifts, then everything would unfold when the time was right. And it did. "--Nicole Nixon, CEO, Listing Central, LLC

I had the pleasure to catch up with Nicole to find out how she strategically strikes the right balance of wife, mother, boss, community leader, etc. How does anyone have time to handle and manage homework, recreational activities, conference calls, staff meetings, parent teacher conferences, date nights, household finances, and the list can potentially go on to infinity!

"One of the biggest sacrifices I had to make was creating "free time." When you have 5 children and a hubby, it's challenging to ensure that everyone gets their quality time with you, and then finding time for yourself. So you have to be smart about how you spend your time each and every day. My family needs are top priority."--Nicole Nixon, CEO, Listing Central, LLC

According to Nixon, the two biggest traps mompreneurs and career moms should avoid are: (1) feeling guilty and (2) finding time for themselves. "If I don't take care of me first, then I would be no good for anyone else. As hard as this was to accept, I learned the necessity of self-care first." Nicole had been a working mom since her oldest son was born and like many moms, if not careful, can quickly ride the coaster of guilt trips. As you set out to build your dream and expand your vision, thoughts may try to creep in your mind about how things could be better, simpler, and "normal" if you didn't start the business, didn't take the promotion, didn't pursue the advanced degree or didn't start the non-profit initiative for teens. What-ifs will surface and resurface but so what! Nixon frequently reminds herself of how their lives would be if she didn't strive for excellence, work diligently, courageously and persistently. What if she completely threw in the towel at the first signs of adversity and abandoned her entrepreneurial dream altogether? Today, the evidenced mounting success of her family silences that "guilty feeling" whenever it decides to surface. Poof, be gone!

Nicole shares ten (10) simple but powerful moves to create and maintain a balanced lifestyle for you and your family. Remember every family is unique and has a different dynamic. Therefore, readily adopt what makes sense and works best for "all of you" in order to achieve measurable success.

1.) Enjoy every day. Each day is a gift to you, appreciate the present.

2.) Create a schedule/system that works effectively for the entire family.

3.) Eliminate stress by never being afraid to ask for help. Delegate!

4.) Make and take time for you at least twice a month.

5.) Schedule individual time for "each" child separately.

6.) Take care of your health. Wealth without good health is meaningless.

7.) Do a date night or special event with your spouse at least twice a month.

8.) Go on super-fun and memorable family vacations. Your children will grow fast, enjoy them now!

9.) Work hard, but play harder. Don't forget to take a day and play.

10.) Smile--even when you don't feel like it.

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