Making Change Easy

What happens when you blindly believe in your goals? No, let me rephrase that...what happens when you blindly believe in the outcome? Your intended outcome.

How can you ensure the outcome you desire?

This past year has been one of big change for me. It’s not that unusual, I am a bit addicted to change. Transformation is my specialty. I’m equally as good as making shit (read ‘my life’) way too hard.

What I’ve realized though, after years of painful transformation. Shit does not have to be hard, or difficult, or out of reach. So what can you do to easily affect change in your life?

If you follow me at all, I may seem like a broken record right now, but the nitty gritty truth of it all is to blindly, wholly, and passionately believe in the outcome you desire. I’m talking faith….believing it as a done deal.

The most challenging part of this lesson (if that’s what you want to call it) for me, was (and still is)...which part is actionable? Ok, so this is my outcome, done. Boom! I am a believer!!!! Now what? That song “Hold on Loosely” is playing in my head, and that is the true challenge of it, at least for me it is. How do you believe and have faith in an outcome, THE outcome, without obsessing over it relentlessly?

I have always chased what I want, I (very nearly) always get what I want. There was a simple conclusion for me there in years past. Want it, chase it, get it. But something happened...the chase it part became more difficult, and the path became blurred.

Ok, so here is the crux of the least for me. In my younger years, I wanted what I wanted, and I was hell-bent on not only having it, but having a hell of a good time along the way to getting it. As I have grown older, I’ve also grown more fearful. And, honey, let me tell you. If you want to ensure you DON’T get what you afraid of of NOT getting it. Back to that soundtrack in my head... Know the outcome IS a done deal and hold on loosely to the path to achieving it.

If you have a death grip on the WAY you are going to achieve your goal, you are already screwed. Why? You have to allow….ALLOW for the energy to draw it in.

I’m going to deviate just a bit. It is election day, after all. I have been engaging in conversations all week about how to affect change. Most of these conversations have been on a much larger scale of thought. How to affect global change. Truth though is it all begins and ends with the exact same system of thought and action.

  1. Decide and be absolutely clear on what you want (outcome).
  2. Hold on Loosely - allow The Universe to do her thing
  3. Do the shit that makes you happy...why? Because it makes you happy! Really think about this, because it is the magic part of the formula.
  4. Take action that makes sense and in EASY. Let’s explore this one a bit more. You may get all up in your head about the action you NEED to take, and that is the biggest trip up. Just do what feels right TO YOU and is easy. You may not (probably won’t) change the world in one action, but just imagine if everyone in the world took just one inspired action today. THAT would create an unreal wave of change. True change is a succession of small actions. So let the BIG picture be the outcome, and don’t fret about the route you are going to take past this very next action.
  5. Gratitude and celebration! This is so important, and SO much easier if you are not all up in your head over that road map. What did you do today (or yesterday depending on when you stop to do this step) that you can celebrate? It’s the small stuff. I am celebrating that I am writing right now! I am celebrating (read grateful for) the sun shining through the window next to me warming me. I am celebrating this cup of amazing coffee. The yummy breakfast I just ate….you don’t need to do something dramatic to find your gratitude and a reason to celebrate.

I know this post is a little convoluted. I could sit here and proof it, edit it and polish it up for you. But this is the truth I have today and exactly how it flowed out. Why change that?

What is your truth today? What outcome do you want? How can you hold on loosely to that and enjoy yourself today?

Lastly, if you want to affect change in your life, go vote today, and celebrate that action.

Change is happening in your life no matter what. Instead of allowing yourself to be paralyzed in fear, decide the outcome and enjoy the life you have the opportunity to live...TODAY!


TaraBella is a Life Coach, writer, expressive arts therapist and mentor. Since 2007 she has been on a mission to be a shining light and inspiration daily. With a focus on self-love and authenticity, her passion is to help women discover their own inner passion and live truly empowered and authentic lives!

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