Making Every Day Count

Someone should have reminded us very early in life, that life was not going to last forever. Perhaps then, most of us would have learned to live and appreciate life with a lot more zest. "We might have lived life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows." (Pope Paul VI)

This is coming from the Pope, therefore he is not saying to just do anything you feel like doing, and rather he is urging us not to procrastinate. The problem with this is, some of us don't realize this great wisdom. Time slips away, or events beyond our control change the course of our lives. We are then left with regrets for all the things we wanted to do, but never did. Imagine you are on your death bed and someone asked you "Was your life a complete success?" Your answer may be a yes or a no.

If you said no you must have some reasons 'Why not?' What were those things you had wished for, which would have made your life a success; was it something you had done for or with your family or some place you had always wanted to go, but never found the time to realize these wishes. You postponed these matters until it was too late!

Why is seizing the day important? In Latin, it is called 'carpe diem;' a phrase made famous in the film Dead Poets Society, starring Robin Williams. We will never know what is going to happen tomorrow, nor are we guaranteed a tomorrow. By contemplating on the impermanence of everything in the world we must recognize that every time we do something, it could be the last time we do it.

This allows us to do things with significance and intensity. The thought of impermanence may sound depressing to some, but that is the only way we can be truly alive. We must make it our business to periodically entertain such thoughts. Here are my suggestions you can do every day in addition to your own list.

1. "Live and let live." Don't waste time judging others.
2. Be generous and kind to others.
3. Celebrate all the positives; never take them for granted!
4. Learning to celebrate every moment of life is an ongoing process.
5. Change your thoughts from always wanting to be somewhere else to always feeling - there's no other place for this moment.
6. Live your life to the fullest by enjoying every minute of your time with people who matter the most in your life.
7. Do what you can today; now is not only the right time, it is the ONLY time.
8. Create your own happiness, for this your life, make it beautiful.

The next 24 hours has 1,440 minutes, all I can say is, I know I will never re-live these moments again. My thought for you is, that you live mindfully connected to life in every moment, connected to your family and friends, doing what makes you happy so that, you will never say, "If I had only known." Here's to making every moment our best -- not knowing which moment will be our last!