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Making Memories Through Music and Movies

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Recently I went to a performance of Opera singers in Santa Fe. To my surprise, they started their concert with Gershwin tunes. As I sat in the audience I was instantly transported to another time: my childhood. My mother played these songs when I was little. I even knew all the words. Holding back the tears, I felt this amazing connection with my mom. I relived the memories of how much she adored dancing around the house to Gershwin.

I realized right then and there how important these sensory memories are. My kids grew up with different sounds. Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and of course Whitney Houston were all a part of our nightly dance rituals. After their bath each night we would blast the music and my daughters and our Golden Retriever would dance around the house!

Little did I know, I was planting memories that would last a lifetime. I guarantee that when they hear those songs my daughters are also instantly transported back to their childhood. We were happy, filled with joy. I don't remember a night when we didn't dance. In the summers we had movie nights. Sometimes I would share movies with them that I grew up with. The Sound of Music was one of them. I remember sitting in the theatre mesmerized by each song. I shared this memory of my childhood as we made new ones together.

Watching The Secret Garden was a favorite of ours, not realizing I was planting the mindfulness seed every time we watched it. The garden is where the children learn to listen to their hearts and let their intuition guide them. They realized that we are still all connected through our hearts even when people have left the earth. Love, in the ends wins out over all. I played the soundtrack of the Broadway show over and over in the house. We made mindful memories watching that movie.

In the morning I would put on a CD of happy songs. Projecting joy in the morning was important to me. Having upbeat music playing gave us a positive start to the day.

What music do you listen to in the morning or in the car? I suggest making a playlist of music that you can easily plug in and just let it play. Words are powerful and positive words and vibration will stay with your child through the day. Share your favorite music and movies from your childhood. Your children will love imagining you as a child. Tell them how certain parts made you cry or laugh out loud. Maybe there were scenes that made you feel frightened. It's so good to let children know that you were in their shoes once also. Watching movies and listening to music together helps plant some beautiful memories. Sitting and watching with them without cell phone or computers will give you some bonding time and create happy, mindful memories that will last a lifetime...