Making News and Getting Views: HuffPost Live Hits a Billion

In The Social Network, Justin Timberlake's Sean Parker dazzles Mark Zuckerberg by saying, "A million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? A billion dollars." Well, you know what else is cool? A billion video views. That's the milestone that HuffPost Live hit today, just 18 months after it launched. Cool....

Those billion views have been generated by a very broad range of programming, covering everything from the sublime (like this powerful look at the victims of gun violence, or this segment on a dad sent to jail because of a clerical error) to the silly (check out this interview with people who haven't shampooed their hair in years) -- and everything in between.

Among the most widely viewed of the nearly 12,000 segments HuffPost Live has produced are this breaking report on the passing of Nelson Mandela (1,025,630 views), this look at how to not overstep parental boundaries (2,536,932 views), this off-the-wall interview with Sarah Silverman and her very funny dad (1,332,143) and David Blaine working his always-charismatic magic (1,069,403).

And, of course, there was sex in the mix, including these wildly popular segments on "down-there" grooming (2,984,814), robot handjobs (how do you not click on that? 2,528,254 people did) and this conversation with ready-for-prime-time porn star Stoya (2,295,557).

Beyond its growing traffic, HuffPost Live continues to win awards -- including one last week from Digiday for being the Best Video Platform -- and make news. Among the recent segments generating buzz were Judge Richard Posner's on-air revelation that he'd made a mistake with his ruling on a key voter ID case; Reggie Jackson pushing back on the idea that David Ortiz is the new "Mr. October"; and our exclusive talk with Tom Sizemore, responding to the bogus claims about a White House liaison between Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Hurley.

Among HuffPost Live's other recent guests were Matt Damon, Eva Longoria, Jimmy Carter, Elizabeth Warren, Carmelo Anthony, Bill Gates, Neil Patrick Harris, TLC, Dennis Rodman, Bill de Blasio, Andrew Luck, Larry King, Jared Leto, Cory Booker, Forest Whitaker, Bruce Dern (the morning he was nominated for an Oscar), Jacqueline Bisset, Sofia Vergara, Olivia Wilde, Chris Christie and the man with the world's largest testicles (and just to be clear, that man was not in fact Chris Christie -- two different segments!).

But it's not just bold-faced names. The HuffPost community continues to be an integral part of making HuffPost Live the most social video experience possible, speaking out on the issues that matter most to them. (Over 17,000 guests from more than 100 countries have joined us live on-air.) And it's clear that HuffPost Live's viewers have very eclectic tastes: The two most-commented-on segments since launch were sparked by a visit by tween band Big Time Rush and the conversation around one of the 2012 presidential debates.

And as HuffPost Live continues to grow and experiment, the best is yet to come. So happy 18-month birthday, HuffPost Live -- here's to the next 1,000,000,000 views!