Making Waves Across Our Nation and the World

Our Supreme Court has decided that money is free speech, yet money is not free. Our elected and appointed officials have decided to use their public office to represent private interests dishonoring the integrity of the seats they hold. Our Congress on both sides of the aisle have continued to legislate in favor of private interests over public health. This has come to a head, first with Citizens United, and now with McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission. Though it is a coup d'etat for private enterprise that has seized control of the commons and our republic, it is a sand-castle alone on the beach as a wave crests above it.


We may one day thank the Supreme Court for allowing their agenda to be so transparent. Any representative who is not speaking out against this ruling is openly acknowledging that they serve private interests instead of the public they were elected to represent. Of course we can't expect the privately-owned corporate media to announce this so we'll need to rely on our own social networks. Thankfully we live in the digital era and there is a world wide wave of action beginning on April 4th.

The general public and the interests of corporations are diametrically opposed. People want good schools for their youth, services for their elderly, good paying jobs and a healthy environment.

A corporation is designed to create profit for private shareholders. This means that a CEO must cut operating costs to increase profits. This includes lowering wages, avoiding taxes, reducing costs on containment or disposal of wastes/pollutants and the desire to do away with government regulations. This also includes environmental regulations that were put into place to safeguard our water and air, regulations that protect workers health/safety, financial regulations that protect citizens against things like predatory lending and many other regulations created to guard justice for the general public. Public health and safety is not and never has been a top priority for private corporate interests.

Obviously our politicians can not serve both the interests of the general public while serving private corporations simultaneously.

So the question naturally arises, "who do our politicians serve? The people or the corporations?"

We can thank the Supreme Court for clearly stating where they stand on this question. Now that there is such a clear line drawn in the sand it is time to see where all the rest of our elected officials stand on the issue.

The Wave of Action has no leader, and it isn't an organization. It is a movement of conscience that comes from an awakening of consciousness. It is a natural response from people who are ready to take responsibility for their future. The wave is a force of nature that operates from basic ethical principles of honesty, respect, justice and non-violence along with a few jokers up the sleeve. You can explore beautiful trouble here.

What will you do wherever you are when you realize that those who were elected to guard the public trust are serving private interests behind closed doors? You may be in public office, you may be an activist on the streets, you may be in uniform protecting those streets, you may be serving in our armed forces, you may be conservative, liberal, Democrat, Republican but you know that this is not "justice for all." This is domination by a few very wealthy individuals. The wave is building, it can not be stopped. Grab a surfboard or stick your head in the sand? You decide...