Making Your Small Business Green, Affordably

It seems that everyone is talking about ways to go green right now. And while most businesses like the idea of making their venture more eco-friendly. There also seems to be a common misconception that going green is too expensive, too difficult, or both.

Well, I am here to tell you that neither is true. The fact is, not only can greening your business be good for the environment, it also can be good for the bottom line.

Here are a few simple ways to make your business greener and save some money at the same time:

Around the office: Yes, those funny squiggly bulbs (called CF bulbs) really do make a difference. Sure they cost a bit more, but they are supposed to last up to 15 times longer. Other simple steps include reusing packaging, packing peanuts, and turning old file folders inside out. Even better: Each of these green steps save money.

Reduce paper use: Consider getting a printer that offers two-sided printing (called duplex printing). By doing so, you cut your paper costs, and paper consumption, in half.

For instance, I recently did some work with Brother and was impressed with a printer that automatically prints on both sides of the paper (the MFC-9840.). It was also Energy Star certified, and fast. How easy, and green, is that?

Also, of course, buy some recycling bins, mark them, and use them.

Install timers and motion sensors: By automatically having lights and computers go off when not in use, you can save lots on energy costs.

Buy green: No, green products are not cheaper, but by the same token, these days, they also should not be more expensive since demand for them has reduced prices. You might also want to check into purchasing green power from your local utility.

Buy Energy Star products: The Department of Energy Energy Star certification means that you know the product you are buying is highly energy efficient, and again, it shouldn't cost any more.

Bottom line: Going green has never been simpler, or more affordable.