Malaysian Airlines Creates No Kids Zone In Economy Section

Malaysian Airlines Makes Kid-Free Zone

Back in June 2011, Malaysian Airlines banned infants in first class of its Boeing 747-400 jets, with plans to do the same in its new Airbus A380s. Now, the airline is stepping up the ban by not allowing kids to sit in the upstairs economy section of those A380s.

Children younger than 12 will not be permitted to sit in the upstairs economy section of Malaysia's superjumbo, reports Australian Business Traveller.

According to, an airline memo sent to a South Korean news agency explained that a new booking system will black out upper deck seats for customers whose reservations include children.

The impetus behind the move is to provide a more restful trip for business travelers who have to fly in economy, writes Australian Business Traveller.

It's no secret that children can be disruptive on flights. Just last month it was reported that a family was thrown off a JetBlue flight when a toddler threw a temper tantrum. Also in March, "unruly" kids on an Alaska flight prompted the crew to ask for police back up.

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