Woman Mugged While Guard Watches In Malaysia (VIDEO)

SHOCKING VIDEO: This Guard Stood By And Watched A Woman Get Mugged

A security guard at a gated community in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, may not have much job security anymore.

A surveillance video has drawn quite a stir recently for showing him doing nothing while a female resident gets mugged in broad daylight.

"Nsugu" described the video on his YouTube page, writing, "Dis is how d guard reacted when d robbers were snatching my wife's belongings at our condo in kelana jaya...ashamed on the guard and the management for their negligence and being ignorant."

The video shows the unidentified security guard step out of the stand as he sees the commotion and stand by quietly watching the attack.

As might be expected, the video is garnering a variety of reactions from people, including the hosts of RightThisMinute, a daily syndicated TV show that focuses on the strangest clips hitting the Internet.

"Did I see a gun pointed at the guard?" correspondent Steven Fabian wondered.

Meanwhile, co-host Gayle Bass was more shocked by the guard's inaction.

"What do you pay your HOA fees for?" she asked incredulously.

Co-host Nick Calderone tried to see the guard's side.

"We don't know if the guard was trained," he said. "I would imagaine he's not a trained police officer."

The video was just uploaded a few hours ago, but RightThisMinute co-host Beth Troutman said it's already gone viral in Malaysia.

"People are pretty upset because, evidently, this happens more often than the Malaysian citizens would like it to happen," she said.

Whether or not the guard will lose his job remains to be seen, according to Fabian.

"The argument will always be, 'She's a woman and this guy should've come out,'" he said. "Yeah, he's risking his life doing that, but, also, he signed up to be a guard."

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