Watch Bryan Cranston's 'Malcolm In The Middle' Character Morph Into Walter White

We probably should have seen this coming.

When Bryan Cranston gained worldwide fame as meth kingpin Walter White on "Breaking Bad," everybody commented on what a radical departure it was from his work as Hal, the father on family sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle."

But a new promo video from Comedy Central UK, advertising an upcoming set of "Malcolm in the Middle" re-runs, has twisted that theory seriously on its head, suggesting that Hal wasn't quite as mild-mannered as we all thought.

The video, uploaded to YouTube this week, is captioned: “Before he was Walter White, he was the Dad in Malcolm In The Middle.” Let's just say it puts Hal in a completely different light.

With the knowledge that Cranston went on to play White, some of the innocent things he said back then take on a much more sinister tone. Watch it above.