Sure Seems Like Frankie Muniz Wants A 'Malcolm In The Middle' Reboot

Life is unfair.

It's reboot season in TV-land, with "Full House," "Boy Meets World," and your favorite Nickelodeon classics all getting some kind of return to the screen. 

According to Twitter, it appears Frankie Muniz wants the same thing to happen with his beloved show of yore, "Malcolm in the Middle." 

After MTV wrote an article arguing why "Malcom" should be the next series to receive a modern update, Muniz tweeted the article, asking his followers if they'd be into it.

Preceeding MTV's post, he had posed a similar theoretical. At the time he told The Huffington Post's Todd Van Luling (via Twitter) that he was just "gauging interest." But the repeated mentions suggest a burning reboot desire could be motivating those tweeting fingers.

Our opinion on the subject is: Bryan Cranston! Bryan Cranston! Bryan Cranston! 

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